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15 Problems Only a Hijabi Would Understand

laughing so hard scarf falls off

Even though we are proud hijabi’s, we have all experienced all sorts of funny and interesting questions and situations. Laugh your hijab off with a few funny hijabi problems we can all relate to.

1. When you always get asked if you sleep in it.

do you sleep in your hijab

2. And the famous question… “Do you shower in it?”

shower with your hijab

3. When you get food all over your hijab.

food on hijab

4. Having too many hijabs and not enough places to store them.

hijab storage

5. When the wind blows so strongly and your hijab starts to fall off!

wind blowing

6. When you lose your hijab pin and you start to panic.

hijab pins

7. And when your hijab pin constantly finds a way to stab you.

hijab pins

8. When your annoying baby hairs play peek a boo

baby hairs

9. Seeing a nice dress and thinking “oh damn, I don’t have a hijab to match that!”

matching scarf

10. When you can’t hear because your hijab is too thick.

thick hijab

11. Wearing your hijab so tight you feel like you’re being strangled!

tight hijab

12. Putting on anything you can find because you don’t have time to get a scarf when the postman is at the door.

post man at the door

13. When a muslim sister is wearing the same hijab as you and your like… “oh no, she didnt!”

same hijab

14. Having to wear so many layers when it’s baking outside!

wearing too many clothes

15. When you can’t wait to get home and let your hair breathe!

coming home

Please comment below with your funny hijab experiences, we would love to hear them!

Lots of Love, HB x

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