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4 Best Ways to Wear Florals

hijab floral outfit sets

I love a good floral print! I mean, who doesn’t?! The infamous floral print has been around since our grandmother’s times and it will remain in fashion forever. With so many beautiful floral prints on various clothing/accessories; from hijabs, dresses, trousers and even shoes, it can be hard to know what the best way to wear a floral print is. The think to keep in mind is, when it comes to floral prints, less is always more! Have a read of our 4 best tips of how to wear floral prints and look fabulous!

Simplicity is key

Keeping your outfit simple is the best way to wear a floral print. Too much of anything is never a nice look, therefore keep it simple, elegant and casual. Keep it simple with warmer tones with a simple floral print that’s not too loud and overpowering. It’s a good idea to keep your outfit with in the same color palette.

casual floral print hijab outfit set

Rose Pink Floral Maxi HijabCream Placket Blouse | Light Tan Blazer | Berry Straight Leg Jeans | Slip On Pointed Shoes | Tote Bag

One Floral at a Time

There are so many different types of beautiful floral prints, from small intricate detailed prints to large flowers scattered through a piece of clothing. Mixing different floral prints in one outfit is definitely a fashion no no, therefore focus on one floral print at a time. Whether it’s a floral skirt, hijab or top; that one floral print will be emphasized in your outfit perfectly, ensuring you don’t look like a walking floral junkie!

cream floral print skirt hijab outfit set


Vanilla Cream Maxi HijabLight Wash Denim Shirt | Floral Printed Skirt | Crop Top | Sandal Wedges | Vince Camuto Sunglasses

Color Pop

The best thing about a floral print is all the beautiful colors that are incorporated in it. Therefore it’s a perfect opportunity to add some spice to your outfit by picking out one of the brighter colors from the print and make your outfit pop by accessorizing your outfit using that one particular color.

purple and mint floral hijab outfit set

Mint Sparkle Maxi Hijab | Karen Millen Black Blouse | Cream Longline Waistcoat | Floral Print Trousers | Turquoise Sandals

If You’re Daring… Mix & Match it Up

If your bold and a lover of prints and colors like me, why not mix and match floral prints with different prints, from stripes to checkered. Keep the color scheme consistent by ensuring you’re wearing one color palette at a time. Keep in mind to ensure the additional printed clothing item in your outfit is subtle and not over bearing. You can also pick out a color from the floral print and accessorize your outfit with that color using various subtle prints.

casual green floral jeans hijab outfit set

Marble Grey Maxi Hijab | Light Green Plaid Shirt  | Zara Blazer | Floral Jeans | Grey Converse | Vintage Boho Bag

Let us know if you have any other great tips on how we can wear floral prints. Leave your comments below!

Love, HB x

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