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4 Hijabi Autumn Looks

It’s that time of the year again where we all have to hunker down and prepare for shorter days and longer nights, when the leaves turn red and orange, and everyone is preparing for a bunch of holidays and celebrations. Yup, that’s autumn, for you – the gateway to winter, as I like to call it.

Autumn is perfect for women who love fashion because the cold air will definitely ask for thicker layers, which means, more beautiful clothes to wear! But transitioning outfits from summer to autumn can sometimes be a bit of a headache because you don’t know which pieces to keep and which to use. So, to ease a change in your wardrobe, we have combined four modest outfits for you that are hijab friendly and can be worn during the autumn season and up to winter as well

Autumn Edge

leather jacket hijabi outfit

Leather jackets are a classic staple in any wardrobe – think of it as a ‘must-have’. But instead of going for the universal black leather jacket, why not opt for another neutral color in the ‘brown’ family, such as chocolate or caramel. The different shade will go well with the colors of the season!  A neutral, brown leather jacket will make any modest outfit stand out from the crowd and keep your warm. By pairing it with a neutral pink or taupe maxi skirt and some chunky heels for an effortless look, you will have created a hijab friendly outfit that gives a balanced mix of style and comfort.


denim winter hijabi outfit

The 90s are really in right now and with that, so is denim in everything – jackets, tops, bags, and more. If you love that decade, the best thing to bring in from summer to autumn is a denim jacket because it can be layered over other tops and blouses, of any print or color, and still look well put together and casual.  For those who love minimalist outfits for the fall, you will adore this because over a plain, thick, white sweater, wear a denim jacket on top of it, paired with a thick, dark blue maxi skirt for a simple and cozy-looking outfit perfect for running errands or strolls in the city!

Keep it Classic

black and beige winter hijab outfit

This hijab friendly and modest outfit is a winner to take from day to night because nothing is better than a versatile black dress and a neutral coat for autumn.  This hijab friendly look is great for going out to dinner, working, or doing any errand you can think of! Take a plain black dress and dial it up with chunky, closed heels of the same color for a monochromatic look, and then accessorize with a large hobo bag to put all your necessities inside, and finish it off with an off-white or beige trench coat and you are good to go for all occasions during the season.

Add Some Pop

bright hijabi winter outfit

This fun and clean hijab-friendly outfit is great for women who want to add some brightness to the cloudy weather of autumn. Neon or lively colors and prints aren’t just for summer, you know.  So for a casual look, get a pair of straight cut jeans (skinny jeans are out, didn’t you hear?), partner it with some caramel booties, take a printed bag – hopefully in the ‘brown’ color family again – wear a black and white printed hijab to combat the cold and dry air, and top it all off with an oversized, neon jacket or trench coat. Remember, mixing and matching never goes out of style!

Do you have some modest outfits for autumn that you want to share with us, leave us a comment below!

Love, HB x

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