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6 Steps to Perfectly Glowing Skin

fresh glowing skin tips

In the 1960’s, the makeup trend then was a very matte look. Now fast forward 50 years later, dewy skin is the one in – it’s more natural, and with ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks being incredibly popular, it’s no wonder!  Plus, with strobing taking over the beauty world, most makeup brands have come out with their own version of a highlighter or a highlighting product.  Yup, even what they call the products are different, such as ‘illuminators’ or ‘luminizers’ but they all basically mean the same thing.

But let’s be honest, illuminating face products are only temporary and once we remove that layer of makeup, we’re stuck with the dull and dehydrated skin we forgot we had. That can end, though, because by following only six steps, you can say “bye-bye” to dull skin and hello to radiant, glowing, and healthy skin!

Go to sleep like Sleeping Beauty

sleep tips for fresh skin

This is a common rule said by our parents, teachers, grandparents, scientists, and more, and now you know why. When you lack sleep, you can drink all the coffee you want but your body will always know the truth. And when you don’t get enough sleep, your eyes become red from being tired, your bags are darker and bigger than ever, and your skin becomes dull and dry because you don’t have the right amount of snooze time to allow your body to properly regenerate. 

Once you get enough rest, you’ll notice a huge difference in not just your skin, but in your attitude as well – you’re more energized, you’re less grumpy and more confident. And glowing skin partners well with confidence for a more effortless ‘put-together’ look that makes you look like you’re ready to take the world in your hands.

You are what you eat

eat health fresh skin tips

To get a natural glow to your skin, your health must be the same as well because beauty is not just skin-deep. And as you get older, your body will be less forgiving when it comes to eating junk food and fast food. So try to eat something different! Cleanse your body and skin by eating foods that will help promote glowing skin (from head to toe) like salmon, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids to provide skin with the proper oils and lubrication to make them supple. Fruits like mangoes and watermelons help too because they’re packed with vitamins and minerals that stimulate collagen and protect you against wrinkles.

Gulp, gulp, gulp and drink up!

water clear skin tips

Water is probably the cheapest and easiest way to put your skin’s health on the ‘glow road’.  Our bodies are mostly made up of water, so when we don’t drink enough it definitely shows. Try trading in your orange juice for two glasses of water instead, it will quench your thirst for no calories at all and extra benefits are included. Skip sodas and energy drinks because they are just loaded with sugar! And instead of drinking that 200+ calorie Frappuccino from Starbucks, bring a tumbler filled with water and sip it throughout the day. If you finish it, congratulations! Refilling it won’t even cost you a cent.

Scrub-a-dub-dub! (Exfoliate)

skin scrub clear skin

Many people think cleansing and moisturizing are enough when it comes to skincare regimens. But exfoliating is just as important because it removes all those dead skin cells that have accumulated on your face from wearing makeup and pollution from the outside world. It reveals a brighter and newer you and who wouldn’t want that? However, do not overdo exfoliating. Just because it is as important as cleansing and moisturizing, it doesn’t mean it should be done every day. If your skin is exfoliated more times than needed, it will dry out and your skin will produce even more oil to compensate, thus, giving way to a whole new batch of breakouts.

Quench your thirsty skin with a trusty moisturizer

skin cream thick moisturiser

Moisturizing is something that should never ever be forgotten. And some people do, which is just beyond me because they often have the nerve to complain about having bad skin. To forget to moisturize is a serious beauty crime. It’s like going out without underwear – there is no proper foundation. Moisturizers have the power to give you the best skin of your life, so don’t forget about it or undermine it. Even when you get home and you’re exhausted, exert extra effort to moisturize to help repair the damage your skin has experienced throughout the day.

When all else fails, highlighters won’t

highlight make up tips

Last, but certainly not the least, when all the five steps I just enumerated above fail and you’re still left with dull skin, cosmetics that have highlighters or illuminators within them are your new best friends. Tinted moisturizers, powders, foundations, blushers, and so much more have highlighters in them for people who want to have dewy skin instantly. And what’s good about them is that they have hydrating qualities as well so your skin is getting that extra ‘oomph’ while still wearing makeup. Of course, if you still feel that those products don’t give enough glow to your skin, you can always go directly to highlighters. Just make sure that what you use on your face is finely milled, looks natural, and has no chunks of glitter or shimmer in them.

Do you think these steps work or are there some that we forgot to include? What’s your favorite tip? Leave us a comment below of your favorite tips and tricks to get glowing skin!

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