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7 Steps to Healthier Hijabi Hair Care

hijabi hair care and tips

Wearing hijab invites all sorts of funny yet interesting questions, I’m sure we’ve heard it all! As fascinating as it would be, hijabis are not bald under their scarves! Our hair is deprived of natural elements such as sun, wind, rain etc. This therefore gives us more of a reason to give our hair some consistent TLC.

Since I started wearing hijab, I noticed the amount my hair fell had significantly increased. Starting to panic, I decided to set out on a mission to find out why this was and what the solution is. I found lots of interesting facts and tips.

An interesting fact I found out was we actually lose approximately 100 strands of hair in a day! And because our hair is covered for most of the day, all this loose hair accumulates and when we take our hijab off for the day it feels like we’re going bald! If you’re losing an excessive amount of hair, you may need to speak to your doctor.

Hijab gave me a new perspective and it was perfect for covering up bad hair days, therefore I would tie my hair in a bun and forget the rest. I realised that my hair was lacking major TLC as I’d end up with a lot of knots along with heaps of hair loss at the end of the day. I decided then, I need to make a change, after all hijab is there to cover one of the most beautiful parts of a woman and it’s only fair to maintain healthy hair.

So a few friendly Hijabi hair care tips:

Keep it Dry
With a hectic lifestyle, we often tie our hair after a shower and quickly jet off to where ever we need to be. Tying hair when its wet can cause damage to the roots and the hair will end up drying flatly against your scalp, so when you eventually take your hijab off for the day, your hair will be flat and lifeless. Try to give it a quick blow dry or let your hair dry naturally before you tie it up.

Hijab Material Matters
I found the material of the hijab made a big difference. It doesn’t necessarily cause the hair to fall, but it does cause it to break due to the friction that is caused between our hair and the hijab so it’s better to wear softer material hijabs which are better for your hair. Cotton and viscose cause less friction with your hair and cause less breakage. Materials such as pashminas and satins are heavy on your hair and can cause breakage.

Hair vs. Hijab
A good way to decrease the amount of friction between your hair and your hijab, is to wear a under scarf/bonnet/cap. Personally I find these can be really tight and can give you a headache. I therefore, use a stretchy hairband, I find this isn’t too tight and doesn’t flatten my hair too much.

The Hijabi Hump
How you tie and what you wear under your scarf can also have an effect on your hair. We all know how popular the flower clips are, the higher the hump the better! I for one, never leave the house without a massive hump behind my head! I pretty much used the flower clip as soon as I started wearing hijab. Recently I found it’s effected the way my parting sits, I therefore tried out the volumising scrunchie which at the moment I prefer. I still however wear the flower clips on a night out.

Flatter than an ironing board…
Since wearing hijab I found my hair was extremely FLAT at the end of the day. I had no bounce in my hair which was really depressing. I found instead of tying your hair sleeked back and tight having your regular parting still noticeable didn’t majorly affect the structure and the bounce in my hair. This will take the pressure off your teeny tiny hair follicles and you’ll still have your hair structure intact.

Greasiness is the Way Forward!
You know what I’m going to say next… the dreaded word; TEL (oil)! Yes I am talking about greasy, sticky oil! This is amazing for your hair and it so important your hair gets its regular oil fix! Applying oil at least once a week will restore healthy nutrients back in to your hair and give it its lusciousness back! There so many different types of oils, it can be hard to determine which oils to use. Personally, having tried and tested; I found moroccon oil, coconut oil and almond oil the best. They are not too smelly and they will leave your hair feeling soft and looking shiny!

Down Time
Lastly and most importantly let your hair breathe. Give your hair some much deserved down time. Let your hair down once in a while and show it some love. Massage your scalp and often comb your hair to get the blood circulating. Better yet, ask your husband to give you a well-deserved massage!

Lots of Love, HB x

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