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Blue & Red Hijab – A Combination Made in Heaven!

Blue and Red are a combination made in heaven! These two colours compliment each other perfectly, which is why we have outlined a funky edged outfit with a sophisticated touch featuring our Blue & Red Flower Hijab!

1) Mango Pleated Blouse – Start off with this versatile white blouse from Mango. The delicate pleating around the high neck gives it a very feminine look. Tuck this white blouse in…

2) The Red Maxi Skirt from Oasis. This full length maxi skirt in red with a gathered waistline will add just the touch of sophistication you need for this outfit. Best worn high waisted.

3) Pier One Jacket from Zalando – Cover up with this sophisticated long sleeved, lightweight jacket from Zalando. This Blue Jacket will compliment perfectly with the white blouse and red maxi skirt.

4) Mel By Melissa Cream Bow Strawberry Pumps from New Look – Sweeten your stride with these totally cute pumps from New Look. With a jelly finish, these pumps will keep your feet happy all day long!

4) Blue & Red Spotty Polka Dot Satchel – A girl always needs a perfect bag to carry all her important bits and bobs! So Satchel up with our very own Polka Dot Satchel in Blue & Red. This Satchel will ensure all your bits and bobs are kept safe where ever you go!

9) Red Cuff Bracelet – Complete your outfit with a splash of bling with our Red Cuff Bracelet. This bracelet will really stand out against the blue jacket.

A quick lippy tip:

Nars Jungle Red Lipstick – Add a dash of red to add a classic look to your outfit, with this gorgeous Red lipstick from Nars.

Now, thats an outfit outlined perfectly!

Let us know what you think in the comment box below and we would also love to hear your suggestions on other outfits and combinations. If you would like us to help you put together an outfit with any of our Hijabbella items, give us a shout!

HijabBella x



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