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How to style your Hijab with your new Kimono for Summer

Kimono Hijab Fashion Styles

Walking down the high street, looking left or right, you’ll see fashionistas sporting this summer’s must have: The Kimono! The Kimono fits so well within the confines of modest hijab fashion with it’s loose, long-sleeve flowy nature that we thought it deserved it’s very own style guide of how you should style your Kimono together with hijab colour and matching accessories. We’ve also given you the links so that you can find the products for yourself and purchase them online till your heart’s content.

All hijabs pictured above and mentioned below are from the HijabBella website.

Kimono Set 1: House of Fraser Kimono + Ferozi Blue Maxi Hijab

Kimono Set 2: Topshop Kimono + Coral Rose Maxi Hijab

Kimono Set 3: Kimono Sold Out + Mustard Yellow Maxi Hijab

Kimono Set 4: H & M Kimono + Vanilla Cream Maxi Hijab

Kimono Set 5: New Look Kimono + Rainbox Flower Frenzy Maxi Hijab

Kimon Set 6: The Hut Kimono + Orchid Purple Maxi Hijab

If there is a Kimono or accessory above that you can’t find online, let us know in the comment box section below or drop us a note on Facebook and we’ll try our best to find it for you.

Until next time, lots of love and see you soon.

HijabBella x

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